Prayer Team


We are blessed to have the constant support of our Prayer Team


They are available each Sunday to pray with us one-on-one, and to hold sacred space as we go through this journey called life.

Our Prayer Team consists of volunteers who receive training in affirmative prayer and holding sacred space. All prayers are kept in strict confidence. This is the essence of what it means to pray with another through the Prayer Team.

Prayer Team Members:

  • Deepen their own spirituality and connection with God
  • Hold sacred space and listen from the heart
  • Experience personal and spiritual transformation
  • Learn how to stand in prayerful support of our spiritual family
  • Maintain a daily prayer practice that includes holding sacred space for the prayers submitted by congregants
  • Prayer is a foundational aspect of our faith tradition and was demonstrated by our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore in how she healed her body and spirit.

A member from our Prayer Team is available each Sunday after the service. 


Meet our Prayer Team



Charlotte Jones

Charlotte Jones was invited to Prayer Team training by a former Spiritual Leader of Unity in 2010 and completed her training and active duty dedication in 2011. She has trained and led several groups of congregants, who have offered to join this ministry during the past 12 years. Charlotte says that praying with and for others has very much enhanced her spiritual growth, as she prays it has done for those whose lives she has touched.


Ginny Reed has been a member of Unity since moving to the Midlands in 1993. Since that time she has served on the board a few times and says that she enjoys being part of its growth, both in terms of people and activities such as dinners, concerts, vacation bible school and a crafting group that met once a month. She has also taken part in teaching prosperity classes through the years. Ginny enjoys being a Choir "blender"  (a person who eventually hits the right note if the person or piano next to me is loud enough)

After retiring from the corporate world, Ginny went through the Prayer Team training and has found that it grounds her more completely in how the Spirit of God is within and without.  Ginny loves seeing how God answers prayers. The song we sing in Church, "I Am So Blessed" by Karen Drucker is one of her favorites. She even sings it while picking up trash as a Rotary Club volunteer on Polo Road for Adopt-a-Highway. 


Bernadette Striggles has attended Unity of the Midlands since 1999. She became a member in 2014 which is around the same time she began working with the Unity Youth. Bernadette's favorite things about Unity are the openness she finds here and the freedom for everyone to be who they are! Her favorite way to serve at Unity is to plan and carry out social gatherings and events.


Delores Pluto has been a member of Unity of the Midlands since 1994 and part of the Prayer Team since 2020. Her experience with Yoga and mindfulness practices help support her prayer work.


Kathleene Little has called Unity Church her home since 1985. She has been part of the Prayer Team at Unity of the Midlands for 10 years. Joyfully retired, she often creates yard art and in-home decor from driftwood found in her backyard creek (Twelve Mile Creek). Another interest is participating in Town of Lexington civic activities. It’s rewarding and keeps her connected with their community.  Her three adult children live nearby and she and her husband, Rich, have opportunities to spend quality time with them and enjoy their families.

Prayer Team Training and Serving

Unity of the Midlands is committed to reaching out with prayer, comfort and support to our congregation because doing so supports our mission and vision. Members of our Prayer Team are invaluable in helping to meet the pastoral care needs of our congregation. We invite you to prayerfully consider stepping into this powerful area of service for our ministry.

Prayer Team members report that they stepped in to serve others, but felt blessed and benefitted themselves most of all. It is a role that will help you discover your greatness and the greatness of others. It may very well be one of the most rewarding spiritual growth experiences you have on your journey.

Unlike hospital chaplains, our Prayer Team members are not ordained and do not counsel people. They are trained to do only three things: hold spiritual space, listen and pray. They are not trained to “minister” to the community at large.

Our Prayer Team is a service opportunity for congregants who are called to take the next step in their spiritual development and are willing to make a commitment in their own growth.

Would you like to be a part of our Prayer Team?